She Wanted What I Needed

Chapter 1

Loud ringing from my alarm clock informed me that I had 30 minutes before the 10 o’clock appointment with my first personal trainee for the day. Was still a little shook up from last nights argument with the Mrs. I guess a divorce isn’t the worst that could happen, I could have killed her and that motherfucker when I walked in and saw his body bouncing up and down between the same legs my 2 children were born from. “After 10 years?!?” That’s all I could keep replaying in my head like your favorite song on repeat but this was far from music to my ears. no time to sulk though, I had to get my ass up and out the house. Getting out of bed I grabbed my palm pre to check my emails. Had a few new clients the day before so I figured some of them may want another session. “11 missed calls?” “Damn Tony can’t never keep his mouth shut!!!” I’m pretty sure he told everyone. I thought that a best friend was suppose to keep personal conversations confidential, but nooooo, Tony couldn’t keep something to himself even if it was a sheet of paper with his social security digits and his ATM pin number on it. Now I had all these missed calls from my nosey family wondering if I was ok, at least that’s what they say, really they just want all the dirty details of what happened. I check my voice mail, “YOU HAVE 6 NEW VOICE MESSAGES…NEW MESSAGE…Hey lil-bit!!! Mamma is the only person that calls me that, thanks a lot T!…”I heard the news from Tony, I always knew that girl was a 2 dollar hoe…Lord Forgive Me… and I only put up wit her because you said you loved her and she gave you some beautiful twins baby boys but I never wanted her in this family, please call me when you get…..MESSAGE DELETED. I don’t even want to hear anymore, I’m gonna be late, not to mention I had get focused before work. As I stood in the shower and let the nearly scalding hot water run down my back I kept thinking about what my momma said in her message “I always knew she was a 2 dollar hoe? Then why didn’t she ever say anything???” Its funny how people who consider themselves to be close to you always seem to think they can down talk your ex once the relationship is over but always had nice things to say when you were with them. Its like if you felt that way, why didn’t you say anything b4 the drama? I guess I wouldn’t have listened anyway…I mean…come on the mother of my children? There’s no way I could have known she had that shit in her bag of tricks, but what’s done is done I’m gonna start getting the divorce papers ready on Monday. After I dried off and threw on some sweats, I grab my gym bag and car keys then headed out for the day not knowing this was not going to be just another normal Friday….to be continued.

Chapter 2 

Got to the gym with about 10 minutes to spare so I figured I’d make a protein shake. First person I see when I get in was Tony. You can say T and I are your typical best friend story. We grew up together, graduated high school together, He Got Into UCLA on a baseball Scholarship and I was more of a hustler that really didn’t like school that much just because I felt like none of that shit would ever help me in the real world. As backwards as it may seem I was more of the smart one I just was kind of lazy. He developed a staff infection in his leg that hindered His chance to move on to the big leagues so once I opened my gym “FINE TONED” I hooked him up with a job as head supervisor. Sometimes I think that was a huge mistake because he tries to fuck every woman that comes in for a new membership, but what can I say he’s my best friend and we do crazy shit for those we’d take a bullet for. “Yo Chris” Tony Shouts from the basketball gym, I look at him and shook my head with disappointment as I continue to walk towards the locker while he follows behind me. I walk a little faster so that I could get into the room before him; once he walked in I snatched him up by his collar and slammed him up against a set of lockers! “LOOK HERE MY NIGGA, THE NEXT TIME I TELL YOU SOMTHING ABOUT MY LIFE DON’T GO TELLING MY FUCKIN FAMILY, YOU GOT THAT???” His eyes full of fear, “y-y-yeah! I’m sorry man damn… will you let me go now?” I didn’t even realize I was actually chocking him until I snapped out of my trance of rage. “I’m sorry man I’m just still a little shook up from all this bullshit” I let him go and he fixes his shirt, “No worries bro, it wasn’t my place to say anything to yo mom in the first place.” He says as he slaps me five followed by a hug. “Its all good bro at least you didn’t tell aunt Jill because you know she’ll post it up on facebook for the whole world to see or some shit like that. His look told me that it was too late, “Wait…. tell me you didn’t tell her already!!!” I screamed as I started to go for his neck again, He starts laughing out of control, “I’m kidding my nigga chill, I just wanted to see the look on your face. Hahaha that’s what u get for chocking me, I couldn’t breathe man!!! You know I got lung problems!” He complained as he followed me back to the gym floor. “Nigga you don’t have lung problems the doctor told you he accidentally read the wrong clip board… THE DOCTER SAID YOU HAVE A LOW SPERM COUNT REMEMBER?” I yell so a group of ladies working out could hear, they giggle and point “Hey! Hey! Man keep it down I got a rep to keep around here” Tony says with a look of embarrassment. I smile and say, “Yeah what ever, look I gotta get over here and set up before Tammy’s Session.” Tony’s eyes got bigger then two beach balls, “Oh Shit! You talkin bout big booty Tammy? Niiiiigga when you gonna put in the good word for your boy???” I rolled my eyes and walk away. Shortly after I got set up Tammy walked in and found me over by the treadmills. You ever known someone that no matter when or where you see them it’s always like your seeing them for the first time? Not in a bad way but just the excitement of introducing yourself and waiting to actually hear what they have to say when you ask them how they are doing. That’s how it was every time I saw Tammy she was just always full of life she was about 5 foot 5 black and white mixed 24-year-old perfect ten, 136 lbs, Measurements 34D-25-35 with the nicest brunette colored hair id ever seen. She always wore these tight biker shorts with a tank top that showed off her almost perfect body but today for some reason she had nothing of the kind on. She was dressed in an extra large t-shirt with some baggy ass jeans on almost looked like a dude with that headband on also. “Hey Tammy, sooo is TLC looking for a new third member or is it just laundry day?” She smiled and as she flipped me off, “No silly, I tried to call you but I guess your phone is in you locker. So I came in to tell you I have to take a rain check on today’s session because I’m moving into my new place as we speak and I have to be in by tomorrow. I feel really bad because I never have stood you up like this but I have to get out of my current spot.” I was a little down about our postponed session but had to play it cool. “Sure no problem Tammy we’ll try to shoot for Monday” she smiled and said “perfect Chris thank you so much I’ll call you on Sunday to confirm.” With that she walked away, I couldn’t help but look at her perfectly round ass even in a pair of baggy jeans it still was clear her mother had blessed her with wonderful “assets.” I guess you could say I was a little bent over the conversation Tammy and I just had. I always looked forward to our sessions but like I said before…this was not going to be just another normal Friday…. to be continued.

Chapter 3 

I left the gym a little early so I could go check out the condo listing my real estate agent informed me of. It was a simple 2 bedroom 2 bath about 15 minutes from the house. as much as I wanted nothing to do with my wife I couldn’t move too far from the twins, not to mention I liked the side of town I lived on. The place was perfect I really didn’t need much time to check it out before I made the decision. I just wanted to get out of that house as soon as possible. After I finished putting my deposit and the first six months of rent down on the new place I headed back to the house. I walked in the house to my soon to be ex Lisa sitting on the living room couch watching our wedding video. From the looks of it she had just turned it on. Ha! Dumb bitch thinks she’s slick. She does this every time she knows she has fucked up, thinking images from the happiest day of my life would somehow cause my heart to grow soft. Normally it would work for little things that she did but an elephant in the room by the name of fornication was sitting in my view and he was here to stay, so I had to go. I walked right past Lisa and didn’t say a word. “So I don’t even get a hello?” She said in almost a murmuring tone but I didn’t even stop to reply. I got to my room and packed enough stuff for the rest of the week, Tony told me he had a king size bed in storage that I could have so I didn’t have to by a new one, I just had to make sure that I disinfect that thing because there was no telling what kind of shit he did on it, or who for that matter.

Headed back downstairs to see Lisa standing at the bottom of the steps looking like she just had been crying for the past half hour. “You have to talk to me sometime Chris!!! You have to!!!” I looked at her with the most sarcastic smile ever. “You know what Lisa, your right I do have to talk to you sometime but… that day is not today”. Then I walked over to the TV, took out the DVD of our wedding and threw it at her like a Frisbee from hell. Just before it reached her face the disc curved and shattered on the wall into a million pieces. “Ooops…I missed.” I said sarcastically as her terrified eyes filled with tears once again. “Other then being the mother of my children you mean nothing to me.” Those were my last words to her as I walked out the front door. As immature as my last gesture was prior to me leaving the house I had to admit it felt so good to see the look on her face as that disc came within inches of slicing through her.

I got to the new spot and Tony had already got my bed and everything set up but failed to lock my damn front door after he left, that’s just Tony for you though. I got in the house and was so tired; I turned on the television to see what was on. About 5 minutes later the TV was watching me sleep. I was just getting into that deep sleep when there was a knock at my door. I had no idea who it was; I figured it might have been Tony coming back because he forgot something. “Who is it?” I yelled through the door. A soft female voice replied back, “Hi ummm… I’m your next door neighbor, I just moved in and my power is out, I just wanted to know if yours was also or if it’s just my place before I called for maintenance.” I really didn’t feel like chatting with any new neighbors at 9:30 at night but I had already said something so it wasn’t like I could just ignore her so I opened the door and I couldn’t believe that my new next door neighbor was TAMMY from the gym. “Chris!” She was just as shocked as I was. “Tammy this is the place you moved into? Wow that is crazy!” She looked so amazing standing there in her pink biker shorts and one of her famous tank tops. “Yeah this is the place I was telling you about but I guess you were moving in as well. I just got back from a little jog around the town, you know I got to keep my workouts going even when I don’t come see you at the gym.” I stepped back in the house to grab a shirt and flashlight then followed her back to her place to see what the problem was about. “Damn this is a small world.” I replied “but let see if we can get your electricity back on.” to be continued…

Chapter 4 

I know it’s been a while since the last chapter so I’m gonna refresh your memory just in case some of you don’t remember and don’t want to go back and re-read… Chris has just found out that Tammy (from the gym) lives in the same condos as him and needs help getting her lights turned back on in her house…

First thing I checked was the fuse box. “Here’s the problem, when you moved in they didn’t reset your fuse box so everything shut off, now your good to go”. With a flick of the wrist, all her lights were back on. I could hear the sound of her TV coming back on followed by loud moaning coming from her room. “Were you watching porn before you came to my house?” I said that jokingly but I guess I had hit the nail right on the head. “OH MY GOD!!! THAT’S SO EMBARRASSING!” I just stood and smiled as I waited for her to come back. “I’m sorry about that I was a little busy when everything blacked out.” Her light skin slowly began to blush. “Hey its all good,” I replied. “We all get a little lonely every now and then. I was about to get some late night stroking in myself just b4 you knocked.” I could tell that she was starting to not feel so uncomfortable once she realized that I wasn’t bothered by her late night solo sexcapade. “Oh hush Chris, you don’t have to try and make me feel better, I didn’t mean for you to walk in on that! But I’m not ashamed one bit”. I started to head towards the front door as she followed behind to walk me out. “Well this was definitely an interesting way to find out that you lived right next door to me, I’m glad I’m not in this building all alone”. I said as I turned and walked out of her place, trying to keep eye contact and not focus on undressing her with my eyes. “I know right, and just think I was going to ask the people across from me but something in me told me to try your place…guess it was fate huh?” Her eyes put me in a state of confusion. I wasn’t able to tell if the way she was looking at me was in a, “good to see you friend” kind of way or a, “I wonder if he knows I don’t want to sleep alone tonight?” kind of thing. We both stood in silence for a moment b4 we snapped back into reality. “Well, I gotta get back inside and find something better to watch”. She said nervously, “Oh yeah me too…I MEAN…me too but I have to get back in and…you know…get some sleep. I’ll see you later?” In my head I was hoping she’d say, “ARE SURE YOU DON’T WANT TO STAY AND WATCH A MOVIE OR SOMETHING?” But of course, that only happens in those exotic novels. You know the ones made by the stay-at-home wives with nothing but free time on there hands. “Yeah, I’ll see you later, goodnight Chris.” “Goodnight Tammy.” I headed back to my place trying to shake the thoughts and fantasies glued to my mind. Once I got to the door, I realized my door was locked and I had left my keys at Tammy’s place. Great! Just my luck, now I had to go back and take another look at this beautiful woman it was just so hard for me to take my eyes off of not even 5 minutes ago. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I didn’t want to take another look, but what’s the point of sex playing myself like that? I needed my keys though. I walked back to Tammy’s door and knocked. “Just a minute.” She yelled, “Hey T its Chris, I’m sorry to bother you again but I left my…” before I could finish my sentence her door flew open as if she had been standing there the whole time then she pulled me towards her by my shit and kissed me. I looked at her with eyes of 1000 questions, I was so lost for words and all I could do is stop and stare. “I’m sorry…Chris I’m soo sorry! Its just that when I saw your keys on my counter I knew you would be coming back to get them so it told myself as soon as you came back, I was going to do something I’ve wanted to do ever since the first time I saw you at the gym…now that I’ve done it I just wanna…” “Keep going?” I interrupted as I grabbed her by the waist, pulled her close and finished the kiss she started. I reached back and slammed the front door. We began to work our way through the condo, stumbling over everything in the newly furnished living room. After rearranging her humble abode, we finally made it to the bed room she removed her tank top and I slid her tightly fitted shorts down to the floor, She returned the favor as she removed my shirt and jeans. “Damn its much bigger then I imagined it!” She whispered in the sexiest voice I had ever heard. I wanted to reply by saying, “so you imagine my size on a regular bases?” Her tongue running up and down my shaft had caused me to get lost in the lustful bliss. She continued to demonstrate her oral talents on me as she deep throats my dick. It was as if she had this all planned the way her mouth moved so fluently from one technique to the next, she almost made me explode with pleasure but I wasn’t ready for this night to end any time soon. She looked at me as i grabbed her by the hand and pulled her up to me. I gripped my hands around her soft plump ass while picking her up and placing her on the bed. She kept trying to pull me close to her but I held her down and unwrapped her legs from around me. It was my turn to have a little fun. ” Just lay down and enjoy what I’m gonna do…to enjoy you.” Her body up against mine gave me a sense of comfort; I had not felt this in a while. My fingers navigated through her long silky hair while my lips left goosebumps all over her supple breasts. I continued to work my way down her body kissing every inch leading me to the forbidden fruit underneath her navel. She opened her legs inviting me to continue my journey. I used my fingers to gently spread her lips and ran my tongue across her clitt. I could tell she was enjoying it by the arch in her back, I placed my tongue at the entrance of her pussy and let the sensation of her warm pussy juices slide onto my tongue and into my mouth. I moved back up to her neck and said “Tammy you taste so good.” as I nibbled on her ear lobe. “Oh my god Chris!” She screamed while rolling all her weight on top of me causing me to end up on the bottom.

As She mounted on top of me rubbing her wet pussy up and down my throbbing hard dick. The feeling of her nails against my chest made me want her even more. I gripped her ass and slid my dick inside of her dripping pussy. She moaned while her breathing intensified. I continued to follow her lead as her hips moved sensuously. I grabbed her hips causing me to slide deep and deep into her pussy. She yelled out “I-I-I’m gonna cum baby oh shit this feels soo good!” I still wasn’t ready for this to end. “No not yet T, I want you to get up and place you hands on the dresser. She did exactly as I requested. I thrusted my dick back inside of her from behind. “Ooh Chris please go deeper”. I palmed her ass cheeks with both hands and spread them in order to gain better access and thrust deeper into her pussy. I fucked her as if I wanted my dick to be mounted in her chest. She tilted her head back as I pulled her hair “Fuck me daddy!!! don’t stop!!! Yes Yes!!! Smack My Ass!!!” I was more then happy to comply with her every request. She was a bigger freak then I thought, I want to see if I could take it to another level. I rubbed my pinkie across my dick in order to lube it up with her pussy juices, then I stuck my pinkie into her tight ass and she went CRRRRAAAZZZZY!!! Her knees buckled as I massaged the inside of her ass with my pinkie and continued to grind deeper and deeper, pumping faster and faster. Her yells and moans put me in a stage of climax but she was on her way there as well “Oh Fuuuuuuck!!! I’m cuuuuuuuming Chris!!!!” We both exploded all over the dresser and the floor. I picked her up and we both laid on the bed looking up at the ceiling. Tammy starts to speak, still trying to catch her breath “You know…I didn’t know…it was going to be soo…soo…soo intense!” I look over and smile, “Yeah that was a very intense yet shockingly. overwhelming moment I’ve ever been in.” I rolled over and we locked eyes. As I rubbed my hand across her face she said, “I’m soo happy that my lights went out.” I looked at her and replied, “Yeah…me too”. She rolled over and right before she went to sleep she said. “Its funny how things work out, my boyfriend dumps me and your wife has an affair then we both move into the same…” I stop her in mid-sentence, “wait a minute… I never told you that my wife had an affair, how did you know that?”…to be continued.

Chapter 5

She looked at me as if she was a deer in headlights. “WELL!?!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, she jumped in shock. At that moment her eyes began to fill with tears, all of a sudden my anger turned to sympathy and I felt bad about yelling at her. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “I’m sorry Chris I didn’t know I wasn’t suppose to know about it. It’s just that T was talking to someone about your situation at home and how you were having a hard time with the whole affair thing. I just so happened to over hear the conversation.” I sat up and turned on the light on the nightstand beside me. “So what? Was this some kind of pity fuck from you because I don’t need no fuckin favors Tammy!!!” “What?!?” She replied in shock. “No not at all. Chris, I’ve liked you ever since I saw you playing ball at the gym a while back. I don’t pity you at all, I mean how could I when…” she stopped herself and looked up at the ceiling as if there were some kind of permission to speak stamped on it. “When what Tammy?” I said with a hint of concern and curiosity in my voice. She turned over away from me and said in the lowest tone of voice I could understand, “I…I think I’m falling for you Chris.” Those simple words from her lips to my ears sent my mind into a world of pleasant confusion.

Ok for those of you that may not get what I mean by that, let me educate you. You ever feel like at the exact moment you hear someone tell you something; it was what you wanted to hear so your heart is content with the verbal statement but now that you’ve heard it you begin to think about all the actions that will now be sent in motion due to the new found information being revealed? Well that’s where I’m at right now. My heart is enjoying the fact that someone is stroking its ego but I’m still getting over what has just happened in my marriage. Now Tammy says she cares and as much as that is music to my ears, I still need to take it easy and see what she’s about. Now I know what your thinking, I just slept with her so I’m kind of doing things backwards but hey, if you saw this woman…I don’t think you could just say no. I DARE YOU TO PROVE ME WRONG. Anyway back to the situation at hand.

“So, you’ve had your eyes on me for a while huh?” I asked. She turned over and looked at me with a smile creeping through her tears. “I sat here and just explained to you I was sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you, and there is a possibility I’m falling in love with you and all you heard was that I’ve had my eyes set on you for a while? I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her close to me as I kissed her and looked into her eyes. “I’m sorry for snapping at you. Its not your fault that Tony has a big fuckin mouth…it just kind of caught me off guard that’s all.” she took a deep breathe and sighed with relief. “Sooo, what’s next?” she asked. “Well” I replied. “We are going to get some sleep because I gotta be up early and I’m sure you got shit to do too.” She socked me in the arm and said, “No Chris you know what I mean, I’m talking about what’s next for us?” slightly chuckling and rubbing the small throbbing feeling out my arm I got up out of bed to toss my clothes on. I really did have to be up the next morning really early and as much as I wanted to stay, I had to stay focused on the next day. “As you know Tammy I’m just getting out of this relationship and I don’t want to be so quick to hop in the next good thing that comes my way you know?” she looks down and nods her head in disappointment, “yeah I understand, I got a little excited that’s all, I know you need time though.” I finished putting on my clothes and walked over to her side of the bed and grabbed her by the hand pulling her to stand with me, once she was on her feet I picked her up and wrapped her legs around me and said “but that doesn’t men I don’t want to get to know you more and start moving towards something that could be very special in the future.” “Hmmm in the near future? She asked. “Lets just say in the future for now because who can say how near or far away love is?” She wrapped her legs around me even tighter, causing me to loose my balance and fall on the bed on top of her. “Well I feel like its laying on top of me right now and I would hate to have to let it go.” Tammy said. Well look at you kicking out clever word play comebacks, Oh and speaking of Cumming, I’m going to make you do it a few more times if you font stop grinding your sexy half naked ass against me.” I replied. I could feel my dick growing harder between her thighs the longer I laid between them. She leaned closer to my right ear and said “We only need five minutes baby, please don’t leave me laying here soaking wet for you.” I looked over at the clock. “I guess I can spare five minutes.” We started kissing when her phone rang.

She looked over at the phone then all of a sudden threw me off her like I was a rag doll. “Damn Girl!!! She Hulk is in the building” I said falling off the bead head first. “I’m sorry babe but I have to take this…can we take a rain check on that ummm five minutes?” “Sure no problem T” I replied as I leaned in to kiss her goodnight but she gave me a quick peck on the cheek that left me confused as to why she was all of a sudden in such a rush. “Must be a really important call,” I said. “What? She said “Oh! Yeah! Its my Mom.” As she looked at the phone again before picking it up. “Hold on for one second mom.” She quickly said rushing me to the front door. “Again Chris I’m really sorry for the rush, you know how moms are. They can be nosey sometimes,” She whispered. “No problem at all, trust me I know what its like.” I said. “I’ll catch you later. Just call me or you know where I my front door is just…” but before I could finish what I was saying, I heard her front door slam behind me and there I was, standing outside her place alone searching the walls of the complex hallway for an answer to what the hell just happened in there. I walked back to my place and figured I’d catch a few Z’s before the sun began its showcase through my window. As I laid in bed I couldn’t stop thinking about Tammy. She was really jumpy when her mom called. I guess some moms can knock all the cool straight out of their kids, I know mine does. Tonight was amazing though with out a doubt and that whispering she did in my right ear while she had her legs wrapped around me is my number one weakness, MMM, MMM, MMM. I wonder if she knew what she was doing when she did that? I mean from the way she did it and everything it was just too…”Naw, there’s no way she could have known.” Again I snapped out of my daze, turned off the light, and went to bed… To Be Continued

Chapter 6

I slam the door behind me and pull my hair into a ponytail. I don’t really know why I’m doing it as if they could see me through the phone. I gathered myself together and took a few deep breaths before quickly hopping back on the phone. “Hello?” I said clearing my throat.
“So I’m your mom now huh?”
Says a male voice coming from the other end of the phone.
“What? Oh!!! No!”
I almost forgot about the bullshit story I came up with when Chris was here, you know the whole… “Mother on the phone” speech.
“Sorry about that, I had another client leaving and well…you know some guys like to feel like they are the only one when they have there time with me.”

He chuckles,
“No worries Tammy, I can’t blame any man for wanting to feel like they are getting the most exclusive treatment when it comes to you. You definitely can make a man feel like a king, not to mention you got a body sent from the land of milk and honey.”
“Oh is that so?”
I said while trying not to let the smile forming on my face sound so obvious in my voice. He always knows what to say to make me feel good…that was up until a few hours ago when Chris became my next-door neighbor.
“mmhhmm soo Ms. Tammy when will I get to see you again?” 
“Well daddy you let me know when and we can make it happen.”
I make my way back to my bedroom to pick out my clothes and start my shower.
“So what about tonight?” He asks. “Lets say your place around midnight?”
“Yeah that should be good…but”
I said as I looked at my calendar.

“But what Tammy?” He asks.

“Daddy do you think we can get a room for tonight? Because I really don’t want you too see my new spot like this, I mean I’m still in boxes and trash bags its not the most intimate atmosphere at the moment”
He laughs. “What ever you want Tammy, I just want to see you tonight, what ever it takes.”
“Ok. Well I’m about to get in the shower and get ready for my day. I’ll call you around 10:30 just to make sure that your still going to come get me at 12:00,” I said as I turned on the water in the tub trying to give him the hit that its was time for me to go.
“Ok my queen, I will be holding my breath until I see your call, so my life is now in your hands.”
I rolled my eyes. “Yeah ok guess I cant let you down then huh?”
“Exactly, have a wonderful day Tammy.”
“You too.”
I hung up the phone and got undressed. If you haven’t figured it out by now I am an escort. I’m not proud of it but hey, the bills don’t stop coming and I get hungry just like any other person. It’s to the point where I have a consistent group of clients from men to women. Now I’m not your average “hooker”. I don’t have a pimp and my clients are by word of mouth so it assures that I wont ever deal with someone who isn’t serious about my services. I started being an escort in High School. You see, I’ve always had a nice ass and the tits to match. I was the topic with all the basketball players and other jocks but I was never a slut, they would just do what little boys do, talk about what they would do to me or what they did knowing they didn’t and would cum all over themselves if I even offered to give them a hand job. Around the beginning of my junior year I started getting asked to dances by different guys from different schools and even got asked to go on dates with college boys witch was a big deal for me at 16. The first time I ever was paid to escort I was asked to prom by a senior at my school. But it didn’t start out as an escort situation. David Washington was his name. He was one of the sexiest guys on campus with the body of a goddess.

Word around was that he and his girlfriend since 7th grade had just broken up and he was a free agent. Now ladies, you know where I coming from. when the sexy, popular guy in high school became available, we want him to notice us but at the same time we don’t want to look thirsty to all the other little girls running around talking and wanting to do the same. So you had the girls who didn’t give a flying fuck and would let it be know that they wanted to be the next victim and in the end would be just a “Flying Fuck” If you get my drift. Then there were those who took the quiet approach but in the end never got a chance because in high school who took time to really get to know each other? One minute he’s interested in you and the next he’s all over the new cheerleader who just transfers from across town. Then there is the kind of girl I was, you sit back and don’t say anything and hope that one day he will see you. Any way, David approached me one day after lunch as I was on my way to class…
Hey Tammy! Tammy! He yelled.
I recognized his voice, right away I was overwhelmed with excitement but it was never my style to say how high when a guy asked me to jump so I let him yell a little. Once I could hear the baritone of his voice in my chest I knew he was right behind me. I tuned around to acknowledge him.
“Oh hey David, I didn’t know you were talking to me, didn’t even know you knew who I was actually.” I said looking everywhere but at him, trying not to make contact with those eyes of his, damn it was so easy to get lost in them.
“Its…all…good,” He was trying to catch his breath with out looking like he was catching his breath.
“But I was wondering if you had a date for prom yet?”
“Prom?!” I Questioned
“Yeah you know, prom, dancing, sexy outfits with the little flower shit on your wrist to match”
I laughed at the fact he called it a “little flower shit”,
“You mean a corsage?”
“Yeeeaaahhh that’s it! See look at you already finishing my sentences for me.”
He placed his hand on my shoulder and gently caressed my arm. I just knew that it was a matter of time b4 my panties were soaked and I fainted right there in the hallway, not necessarily in that order. But then again I wanted to keep hearing his voice make love to my ears so passing out was not going down today.
“Well to answer your question, no I don’t have a date for prom. I don’t even know if I’m going to go because I have a lot of things to do that night.” I said hoping he wouldn’t call my bluff.
“Stuff huh?” he replied, “what kind of stuff?”
“Shit!” I thought. “None of your business just know I got stuff to do.”
“Oh…ok, WELL let me know if that changes because I would love for you to be the one I dance the night away with.”
He began to walk away and all I kept thinking was “Bitch say something he wants to take you!!!! saaaaay soooommmething!!!!!!!!! But all I could get to jump out of my mouth was “I’ll be sure to do that.”
I felt like such an idiot but then he turned back as he continued to walk backwards, smiled as he licked his lips and said,  
“You promise?”
All I could do was nod my head yes. He didn’t say another word he just turned and ran off into the crowd. My heart was pounding on my chest like a swat team on the door of a trap house. I took a deep breath to release the sensual desire that had built up inside me and headed to class. The prom wasn’t for another two weeks so I had time but I knew that my time was only limited to how long I would hold his interest. I wanted to know just how interested he was but I didn’t want to sound desperate so while in class, I came up with the perfect plan to find out just how into me he actually was.
            After class I rushed over to the gym because I knew he was going to heading to lift weights after his 4th period class. I caught up to him just as he was about to head inside the double doors.
“Hey David!!” I yelled, he turned around and said,
“Well, well, well, look who is chasing who down now. Oh how the tables have turned.”
“Oh shut your face David you’re not that cute.” That was such a lie, but good girls never tell, do we ladies?
“But about your prom offer…”
“Your gonna go?” he asked with excitement.
“I would love to but you see Jay Stone asked me as well and…
“Jay Stone huh?” he interrupted as he folded his arms in discontent.
Jay Stone was the team captain on the football, basketball and baseball team of our rival school across town. They had been putting quite an ass whooping to us in every sport for the last two months and Jay was the only other heartthrob in the district what was on David’s level when it came to looks as well as talent so I knew that David would hate to know I was even considering going to a prom with Jay. I know what your thinking… childish, and not to mention that now when I think about but how else was I gonna find out.
“Yeah Jay,” I continued. He kind of asked me be for you did and as much as I would love to go with you I don’t think I’m going to be able to afford both proms sooo unfortunately I don’t think I can…”
“Its cool I’ll pay for everything!” He stopped me in mid sentence again; I don’t know why it turned me on every time. I knew he was serious but I wanted to wrap him around my finger just a little bit more, I mean hey he was a nice guy and all but I knew at this point as fine as he was it was no longer about me. It was about out doing Jay Stone but if he was gonna pay for everything, what else would he do for me?
“Oh David that is very sweet of you but he already gave me the money for my dress and everything. I couldn’t just stand him up now, I mean…what would you do if you were in my shoes?”
He stood silent for a minute looking into the distance then finally said,
“How much did he give you?”
“Oh I don’t know like $200 and I’m gonna find a way to make up the rest but I know you have class right now so we can talk later.” I started to walk away not knowing where I was gonna take this bed of lies I had just fabricated when he yelled out,
“I’ll…I’ll double it!!!”
“What?” I was so confused that it even worked.
“Yeah…what ever he gave you for the dress I’ll double it”

I let an innocent smile form on my face, “You don’t have to do that David my dress isn’t that much.”
He shook and waved his hands in the air in objection, “No no no, that’s separate from how much your dress cost, that is for you.”
I was so shocked that this boy wanted to give me $400 and pay for my dress… But guess who now had $400, a sexy ass dress, and a fine ass fellow by my side for prom. This day just couldn’t get any better!!! I mean… aside from the fact that a close friend of mine was head over ASB and told me that I was chosen to be prom queen and it would be announced at the beginning of sixth period so I was going to prom anyway. OOPS! I’m sorry, did I leave that part out…To Be Continued…

Chapter 7

Independents, that’s my addiction. I loved the idea of knowing that I was my own woman and to make a long story short, let’s just say that prom was the start of my new found “business”. Now I wasn’t sleeping with any of the guys in high school, I knew simply by observation that doing so would be a huge mistake, so I did just enough to keep them interested, I’ll let your imagination decide what that consists of. By the time I got to my freshmen year of collage I had a decent clientele consisting of wealthy, but lonely guys who just needed that equal beneficial arrangement to help boost there ego, and I was the one who understood that. So I had fun with it. I would be as gentle and cute as they needed me to be while adapting to the aggressiveness and spontaneity needed to keep them on their toes. Growing up I watched my mother need a man in her life at all times. Whether it be for food and shelter, money for gas, or just to come by and hang out around the house. Now I know what you’re thinking, my father must have ditched us or he was a “rolling stone” kind of guy but she had none of those issues to justify her waywardness. My father was there. He was very supportive of all my mothers’ goals and dreams, not like she had many in the first place, so I guess dad had his work cut out. He gave my mother all he had and then some, but he wasn’t a very rich man he just did well for himself. You see, my dad is a “go-getter”. Now I never knew how he made money and he never talked about work. All I knew was that we never went without. He would be gone a day or two at most, never any more then that and it was once every two weeks but on that second day, he would always come through that front door. It was kind of my favorite part of him leaving because I knew I could run full speed for the door and he would always be ready for my tackling hugs. Everyone that my father came in contact with respected him, it’s still like that to this day. Well except for the fact that he’s remarried and he and my mom don’t really speak that much. You see dad had found out about the guys mom would have at the house while he’d been gone. He found out in the worst way too. It was mom’s birthday, I was about 14 years old and mom and dad had an argument that morning before he left for work. Mom and dad didn’t argue often plus I was running late to school so I took advantage of the opportunity to do some investigating from my room. Mom was upset because dad got called out on a job at the last minute. “There’s a chance I might not make it back tonight baby”, I could hear him saying to my mother as he packed his bag. It was to the point where I could hear him shuffling that bag, and new he was going to be gone a couple of days. “So what am I suppose to do on my 35th birthday with out my husband?” I could hear mom nagging back at dad, “honey you haven’t been thirty-five for two years.” Dad chuckles as he corrected my mother. Mom replies, ” UMMMM FIRST OF ALL! You watch your mouth.” Mom was always trying to knock a few years off her belt during any conversation she was in. Once I heard them making jokes at each other, I knew I could make my late escape for school. I grabbed my bag and began to sneak down the steps, it’s was kind of quiet so I figured they were making up and I could make a break for it without being noticed. I get outside and my dad is sitting in the car looking right at me. “Since your mom and I are done talking I know you got no more reasons to play detective so come on, I’ll give you a ride to school.” All I could do was smile, shake my head and get in the car. On the way to school I asked if he was going to be back to the house in time for dinner. “Now I know you just heard me let your mom down, you really going to add fuel to the fire?” He knew what I was trying to do. I was just trying to add a little more guilt to maybe change his mind. “I know dad, it would just be nice to have you here for her thirty-fifth birthday!” He pulls up to the school while saying, “oh my god not you too!! Look here, Don’t let her brainwash you. she was thirty-five two years ago and…” “Dad!” I stopped him before he got to worked up in his speech, “I know moms real age it’s just funny that she does that” he hugs me before I get out and says, “yeah you’ll be doing it too one day just watch.” I shook my head in denial.  I got out and closed the door. “Hey dad?” I yelled back to him, “yeah Hun?” he replied. “Please try to make it back tonight.” I begged. “I will do my best princess.” He said then he drove off. After school that day I made a B-Line for the house so I could get ready for tonight. Even if dad wasn’t going to make it I still wanted this to be a special night for mom. When I got to the house I was stopped at the door by a box of chocolates and some flowers sitting on the floor. At first glance I got excited for mom but as I got closer, I noticed they had been stepped on and for some reason my heart felt broken at the site of them. I picked them up and walk in the house. As I lock the door I just started to cry uncontrollably. Not like boo hoo cry but tears, they just kept running down my face. I was so confused. I wiped my face as I walked to the kitchen. “Mom!” I called out as I walked in, kind of pointless though because she was already sitting in there. I walked in the kitchen to see my dad sitting in a chair on the opposite end of my mom. I immediately got excited. “Dad you made it back in time!” I ran over and hung him. The look on his face matches the random hurt I felt as I found the flowers and chocolate. “Hey honey how was school?” He asked as he hugged me but something was different, he was like stone, no real emotion. “Guys is everything ok?” I asked, my father looked at mom and said, “well Hun, your mom here was just about to explain to me why I came home to her kissing some other man.” I looked at mom with the upmost look of disappointment. See, I knew of mom’s friendships with these men in her life but I never really took the time to think about what she was doing with them, or how she met them because she never crossed “that” line when I was around. “So are you going to get to talking woman!” My dad yells at my mom startling me from the sound of his voice echoing through the kitchen and down the hallway. “You know what, it doesn’t even matter,” dad says as he gets up from the table. “I’ve seen all I need to see. I mean who else do I have to blame but me right?” He looks at me as if I’m suppose to say, “well you got a point their pops!” But inside I couldn’t help but feel just as guilty as my mom looked when he looked at me with those eyes filled with hurt. “While I’m out here driving up and down the highway so that you can live care free, you were doing just that.” He said as he walked passed me and headed out the kitchen. Before he walked out he turned around and said, “just answer me this, was…Tammy ever around these fuckers!” My mom still hadn’t said a word since I walked in; she just sat there with her arms crossed. I looked at my dad and could see the hurt transforming to anger on his face but before I could even fire up a brain cell to try and calm him down, he had bolted from the kitchen entrance back over to where my mother was, grabbed her by the throat and slammed here up against the kitchen wall. “Daddy no please don’t! I was here!!! I knew! I knew!” I screamed while trying to stop my dad from choking my mother to death but nothing was working. I remember looking at my mother and seeing her eyes begin to roll back, at that moment all I could think to do is hug them both yelling “Stop! Stop! Please!” I think it worked because my father let her go and my mother dropped to the floor. “You promised me you would never put your hands on me!” My mom yelled out through trying to grasp for air. My father turned around and said, “Well I guess in this house promises are made to be broken huh? Then he walked out and that was the last time I saw my mother and father in the same room. Now a days they are ok friends, I think when you have a child together you have at least do that much for each other. They still haven’t been in the same room since that day though; just phone calls and text messages. After dad got remarried, mom tried to say that it was his way of getting back at her but he didn’t get remarried until I was twenty years old so I don’t really think that she’s justifiable with that logic. Now, I take care of mom and help her with the bills since I got it now and all. She still has her boy toys but for some reason now they don’t seem to stick around like they use to. Mom says she thinks that even though she liked attention from other men, dad was the only one that made her feel like she was apart of something. It kind of made me think, maybe that’s why the other guys where even able to deal with her. Dad was taming the beast, while they laid with her. Crazy how that works huh?…to be continued