A Day In The Park… (Explicit Content)

Laying in the park looking into your eyes I say “baby you wanna try something crazy?” What you mean? Slides off the tip of your lips, I can see the confusion in you face however, already knowing the exciting complexity of my thoughts you are ready to do what ever I have in mind. Without explanation I get up, grab your hand and lead the way. There is a bench not to far from our picnic spot. I whisper in your ear… “Now I want you to close your eyes and no matter what… Don’t Open Them Ok!” you reply “uuumm ookay” with a little grin. I sit you down on the bench and begin to unbuckle your tight fit jeans that seem to hug those thick thighs and supple ass i love so much. “What are you doing!!!” You shout. “Don’t open your eyes!” I demand and continue the dismemberment of your undergarments You start to blush with embarrassment but keep your eyes closed. Not wasting any time to avoid the possibility on being discovered, I lift your legs above my shoulders to reveal you dripping wet pussy. Just looking at it causes my mouth to water. I slide my tongue from the entrance gently up to your clit, “Oh shit!” you shout. “Not so loud or you’ll draw attention to us?” I say as I nibble on your clit slightly pressing it in between my tongue and top lip. The excitement causes you to squirt as you get wetter and wetter with ever stroke and flick of my mouth action. I stick a finger inside your throbbing pussy to feel your warmth, you start to shake uncontrollably. Trying to keep your eyes closed I glance at you to see them role back with sensation. “Ok baby now don’t move, just go with the flow.” I whisper while rising up from between your shaking legs. Baby where’d you go?  “I’m right here…and you can open your eyes. You look up at me standing over you with the tip of my hard dick sitting on you lips.   "WooooW and what am I suppose to do with this?” You say with a sarcastic smerk on your face, “I think you know exactly what to do with it.” With that being said, there is no hesitation in your reaction. Taking me into your mouth you stroke my dick nice and slow sliding it deeper and further down your throat finally deep-throating me. Trying to keep from collapsing on top of you i hold on to the back of the bench as your motion becomes faster and faster. “Mmmm shit” I no longer can hold myself up. I pull my dick from your lips and tell you, “stand up, turn around, place you hands on the bench and don’t let go.” As if I were a police officer preparing to do a full body search. I slide the head of my dick inside your tight rose as you let out a erotic moan. Your still wet as hell so i continue to thrust further and farther until you can feel me deep inside you. “Fuck your so deep please don’t stop” i grab your shoulders and caress your back as I take long strokes. “I want you to feel every inch of me baby can you feel it?” Not even waiting for your response I thrust harder and harder going deeper and deeper touching every wall your pussy contains. While pulling your hair I begin fuck you faster as screams of pleasure and pain cause me to harder and thicker. Your knees start to give out so i hold you up by your waist and keep fucking you like I’m trying to make you feel my dick in your chest. “OH baby I’m gonna….I’m gonna c-c-cum!!!” I pull my dick out and bend down as you squirt all your juices into my mouth and down my throat. Your body gives out and you collapse, I catch as you fall and carry you back to the car and place you in the front seat calm yet sensitive body. Soon after you fall asleep. I button up my jeans, gather all our picnic supplies and place them in the trunk. I hop in the driver seat and close my door causes you to awake. Looking at me say, “Where are my pants?” I look at you, smile and grab the blanket from the back seat to place over your calm yet sensitive body and say, “I left them on the park bench” and drive away. LoL!!!