Dont Pass Up The Mystery…(Based On a True Story)

              She walks in the room and my hearts stops. I feel like I gotta catch my breath. She's so elegant, Has to be heaven sent. Never seen her type before. Well, except in a magazine. Damn is she the one for me? Or should I let it be? She got me going crazy and I don’t even know her name. Maybe I could walk by and catch it from a distance, then converse with here another day, But tomorrow might be to late. Far from realistic. And god for bid her last name begins with a “Mrs.” Don’t want rejection on my wish list. I just want to talk to her. but one thing I’m missing is the skill of approaching her. Do ask for the time? Or hit her wit the “Damn You Fine”? So many thoughts run through my mind and still I’m running out of time. “tick-tock, tick-tock” I get up and make a move. My heart is beating loud enough to hear through out the room. too late to turn back now, I’ll feel like a fool… She smiles at my presents. I give her my name and in return she says “Alexis”. No man, no kids, and she just moved here from Texas. I tell her about my goals and dreams, she finds me impressive. we continue to talk for hours on until time was no longer existent. just the laughs and smiles of two people enjoying each others essence. we made plans for a second date and the rest was history, And to think I almost let her pass because i feared the mystery... ;-)