Follow Your Rose (Explicit Content)

        She sat down on the subway train, reading her latest downloaded exotic e-novel with no destination in mind. She was Just getting past the introduction when an attractive gentleman comes and sits next to her. His presents becomes know to her from her peripheral, she looks up and smiles as they make eye contact. He smiles back, but unlike the woman, the gentleman continues to keep his eyes locked in on her anatomy. she can feel his eyes on the side of her face like a magnifying glass in the sunlight. None the less, she tries to ignore him and continue reading her book. “So how long are you going to sit there and pretend you don’t see me admiring you?” He asks. She looks up staring straight ahead and says, “How ever long it takes you to stop staring at me and make a move.” then she turns to him while rolling her eyes and continues to speak…“that’s what a real man would do.” She breaks eye contact and buries her head back into her novel. He opens his mouth to speak as if he had the perfect counter attack for her comment but nothing came out. He sits back and crosses his arms with a slight grin on his face, then without saying a word he licks his lips, gets up and walks away. Never moving her head, she raises her eyes from her book to see the gentleman walking away. She shakes her head and mumbles under her breath, “Just like a little boy…noooo spunk”.

      She continues to read but not loosing site of the gentleman’s location a few benches down. The train comes to a stop. The gentleman gets up to exit the train. She looks out her window to see if he would try to look back for her…but he doesn’t. “Hmmm must not have been that interested.” She thinks to herself as she continues to read. Her novel starts to turn her on the more she reads, so much so that she fantasizes about the thought of her being the woman indulging in erotic desire. The train had come to its last stop so she got up and exited. Her walk slightly faster then normal as she walked up the steps leading for the subway to the street. All she wanted to do is hurry up and get home so she could keep reading. Once she reached the street, she looked down and noticed a trail of rose petals leading down the street. It was very late and no one around for miles. She looked around to see if something would give her the impression that this was some sort of joke or possibly the person responsible was close, but nothing. The curiosity of where the petals were leading became much more important then getting home to her bed and finishing her book, at the same time she didn’t want to fall into some trap set by a crazed murderer or something. so she tried to pay them no mind as she walked home. “Who ever this was for must live near me”, she thought to herself because with ever turn she made to get to her home, the rose petals still were leading in front of her. She finally reached her street and was just a few feet away from her home and the petals were still leading in front of her. As she reached her front door the rose petals turned in the opposite direction towards a house across the street from hers’.

     Pulling out her keys to open her front door she can’t help but look back and wonder what was going on in the house across the way. She took a deep breath and finally gave in “what’s the worst that could happen? I live in a nice neighborhood sooo…I should be ok”. she followed the rose petals across the street, and around the side of the house till she reaches the back yard. She continued to follow them into the house and up a flight of stairs “I could get in soooo much trouble for this if I get caught.” Her heart began to beat faster with every step she took up the stairs. The petals finally came to a stop at the door way of a bedroom she looked around and found no one in the room but there were candles lit, a bottle of wine chilling on ice and a bed full of rose petals. “This is ridiculous. What am I doing here?” She was just about to turn around and leave. When she noticed an envelope on the night stand with her name on it. She walked over and opened it. There was a single sheet of paper in it that said “how is this for making a move?” A slight smile began to grow on her face. Then with no warning she felt the hands of a man wrap around her waist she was slightly startled and her first mind told her GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE! But All she could think about was how this reminded her of the stories she always read and fantasies about, now it was her turn to be the leading lady in this role. He wrapped his arms around her waist and rocked slowly with her. In her mind her favorite song played… Marvin Gay’s sexual healing. Just when the music really started to get her open, it began to play through the whole room. she found if odd but figured it was just a coincidence. No longer able to hold back her desire, she turned around and kissed him. He welcomed her lips with his. Pulling her closer and running his hands up and down her body touching every sweet spot she had, It was as if he had touched her before. He gently kissed her neck, running his lips across her collar bone she felt chills run through her body causing her to become filled with more desire. he leads her to the bed. She sits down as he removed her black laced underwear nice and slow. She closed her eyes and let her mind run away. She wanted nothing more but for this night to never end. he removes his jeans first, next..his shirt and that’s when she lost it!!! the perfect mixture of light and darkness in the room showed off his perfectly toned body. she sat up and ran her hands against his endless muscular chest. “Do u like what u see?” he asked, she looked up at him, smiled and pulled him on top of her as she wrapped her legs around him. She couldn’t take the anticipation any long so she reached down and grabbed his dick to guide it inside of he extremely wet pussy. She was shocked to find that she couldn’t even get her whole hand around it. But that didn’t stop her she wanted to feel all it. He filled her up. It was like nothing she ever felt before.

    She placed her hands over her mouth trying to keep her moans from evolving into screams but he removed her hands and whispered in her ear, “its ok…no one can hear you, I don’t want you to hold back one bit”. He pulled her closer causing him to slide further inside her “oooohhhh” she yells. “That’s what u want isn’t it?” He asks, “you want me to take control of you?” He asks, “mmmm yes” she moans as he gyrates his body up against hers. She’s biting her bottom lip as she digs her nails into his back. He knows all the moves that makes her explode with every deep thrust.  “OMG you know me too well who are you?” She says trying to understand how this man is hitting spots she never knew were there…and she thought she had touched them all, but she couldn’t focus on the strangers mind boggling knowledge of her anatomy with the way he was moving his dick inside her. He started to fuck her faster and faster but with ever fourth thrust he would slam deep inside of her and pull her hair giving her the perfect mix of painful bliss. “Yes!!! Yes!!! Fuck me just like that, OH GOD PLEASE DON’T STOP!!!” She yells as her eyes roll back. “You like this dick?” He asks, “mmmmm yessss, don’t stop! don’t stoooop!” Her body begins to shake uncontrollably… she’s breathing faster…her body feels like its on fire…she’s reaching her peak. She st-udders “I’m gonna…I’m gonna…” every muscle in her body tightens…she breaths deep…and opens her eyes to find… the train usher standing over her shaking her shoulder. 

“Miss?…Miss?…” she looks up at him with confusion and frustration. “This is the last stop for the evening…are you ok?” She looks around hoping this isn’t really happening but it was all…just a dream. “I must of got a little to lost in my book and fallen asleep.” She thinks to herself. “Yes I’m fine, this is my stop anyway so I’m ok, thank you”. She smiles at the usher and exits the train. “It felt so real.” She mumbles. She reaches into her black laced underwear to find she was still very wet. She looks at her hand, shakes her head and sighs. “A little toooo real for me.” She reaches in to her bag and grabs her keys. As she pulls them out, she’s startled by her cell phone ring tone, looses her grip and drops them on ground. “Ok get it together girl, it was only a dream!” She says to herself while picking the keys up. as she goes to grab her phone she notices something that causes her to forget about the loud ringing…her heart starts beating fast all over again as she notices…a trail…of red…rose petals leading down the street.